Pablo Garces

Computer Engineer, Frontend Developer, Designer

Hey! I'm a first year Computer Engineering student at the University of Florida. I frequently attend hackathons to build cool stuff and for the past few months I've been working to build LiveGreen - an app to track and improve your carbon emissions.



At HackDuke 2016, my team and I created DreamGreen, an app that allows users to track and improve their carbon emissions. I designed and created all the frontend and layouts for the app as well as the website for it's launch. We won best use of the Facebook API and are continuing development of the project.



JobFit is a cross-platform app that connects to the user's social profiles and analyzes their personality. The app then matches you with companies where you would feel comfortable in their culture. I was responsible for all the frontend design and development.

GetLit Design


I was contacted by the co-founders of GetLit to create lively designs for their upcoming iOS application. The goal was to reflect the youthful and vibrant nature of their target audience. In addition to the iOS designs, I also created a website for the company to use in advertisements while their app was being created. Case study coming soon.

Fuse Lighters


Fuse is a company that I co-founded during my first semester at the University of Florida. The project stemmed out of an idea session where a friend and I wanted to create a company that benefitted the social good by eliminating wasteful butane lighters. To date, 300+ units have been sold and we are in 5 brick and mortar stores in Miami. I handle relations with manufacturers and created the website.

Go Me


Go Me is an online service that allows users to easily build a beautiful personal site using a unique rubix-cube builder. They are able to easily add and remove sections and change the look across the site with themes. This project is currently under development.

Under Development